Exploring Africa by ship may not yet be the most common of cruise holidays, but with a wide range of cruise deals covering a brilliant selection of ports of call, you’ll be surprised at how many options there are for excursions, routes and on-board activities to this somewhat less popular destination. There are some really great ways to cruise and stay in this region, and many cruises offer exciting ways to combine the comfort and style you’d expect to find on a luxury liner with a generous amount of time to treat yourself to everything at port, from safaris to city sights.

Africa is a diverse, captivating and intriguing continent, and discovering the best of the area by cruise is a great way to explore a part of the world where relaxation and luxury is balanced with excitement and adventure. Whether you’re looking out from the deck of your ship or taking your first steps back on dry land, you’ll be able to spot some of the most memorable and breathtaking coastline and wildlife in the world.

The Silversea line offer specialist ‘expedition’ cruise holidays on ships specially designed to explore parts of the world other liners can’t access. Treat yourself to the very best of South Africa whilst you make the most of the journey across the Atlantic by traveling in luxury and style. The Prince Albert II combines a relaxing and luxurious on-board experience with the promise of intrepid adventure. Sailing the Atlantic with nothing in sight but the open ocean, you’ll get that unique feeling of anticipation as you sit back and plan your excursions to private game reserves, wetlands flocked to by flamingos, and forest treks that lead to the home of indigenous tribes, all led by Silversea’s local knowledgeable ‘Africa Expedition’ staff.

If you’re looking for action-packed cruise deals that will make the most of the very best of South African wildlife and culture, check out the routes to Africa covered by P&O Cruises from Southampton. Choose from excursions to coastal vineyards, savannahs and the wilderness, and historic city architectural visits as you sail in to Cape Town. Set in the foothills of dramatic Table Mountain, Cape Town is a city rich in sights, history and culture, sure to leave a truly lasting impression on all visitors. Take the cable car to the plateau, 3,000 foot up, and enjoy some of the most spectacular views in the world as you take in the city and coastline below, and the lush landscape of parkland and botanical gardens. Cosmopolitan Cape Town is bustling with shopping areas, restaurants and cafes, and is a city that really has something for everyone.

For shorter ‘mini-cruises’ sailing out of South Africa back towards Europe, MSC Cruises specialise in voyages that set off from Durban – South Africa’s second biggest city. Considered Africa’s busiest port, the city sits along the southernmost part of the continent and boasts miles of sandy beaches, a spectacular city skyline and thriving shopping areas. A unique and exciting city to start your holiday in, you can make the most of some relaxed local hospitality whilst enjoying the stunning scenery, captivating wildlife, and traditional local arts and crafts before setting sail homeward bound, taking in some extra stops along the way such as Mauritius and Madagascar.